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Post  pnm on Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:49 pm

Another warm welcome to our new members.
As you know, like on every forum, moderators help in keeping it clean. We ask you to respect them and don't ever get on their nerves.
They are:
cnmlf - global moderator
joey124 - moderator of the Movies & English Sections
pipoanthony - moderator of the English Section
crazy artist & b3st - moderators of the Arabic Section
loose - moderator of the French Section
Psycho - moderator in the English Music Artist/Band of the Week Section

The Moderators are in closed groups. No more mods are needed, so don't bother asking me to let you in.
However, with the growth of the community, we might need more mods eventually. Then, an announcement will be made and everyone who's interested can ask to be considered in being promoted to a mod.

One more time: please respect the mods and keep it clean! But most importantly, have fun!


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